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Customs clearance & Inspection
Author: Update date:2014-4-29 15:36:01




Customs clearance & Inspection


   Well World Freight Forwarder Co, one of the Category AA enterprises of the like in Qingdao, is famous for high efficiency and rapidness in customs clearance. The Company is home to 20 personnel and the daily handling capacity is over 1000 cases.


   Well World Freight Forwarder Co is good at deal with cargos involving difficulties in customs clearance and complicated procedures. The Company owns a host of professional and experienced staff who has made great contributions for the Company to solving all kinds of difficulties in customs clearance.


Service scope

Customs brokerage for import & export cargos

Solutions to customs information integration

Paperless customs clearance, online tax paying and e-document declaration

Declaring at dependency and inspecting and clearing at ports etc.