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Wood chip, Wood & Plank
Author: Update date:2014-4-29 15:40:51



Wood chip, Wood & Plank


   Well World Freight Forwarder Co is the first acting for wood chip import at Qingdao Port and the only one currently able to handle wood chip agency with an annual import volume of chip of 400000 tons. The Company has invested up to ten million yuan to invite expert to design sorts of chip handling facilities, making huge contributions to the chip business at Qingdao Port.


    The annual import volume of wood and plank is 600,000 m3, and the major categories are as follows:

Russian mongolica, larch, Russian spruce, Scandinavia spruce, Sweden spruce, Finland spruce, Chilean pine, New Zealand monterey pine, Canadian pine, SPF, hemlock, Douglas fir, American southern pine, Germany red pine and Germany spruce.