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Wood pulp
Author:admin Update date:2014-4-29 16:21:47



Wood pulp


   The Company has won the recognition and support of papermaking tycoon and large-scale paper pulp traders and the annual import volume of paper pulp was up to 2 million tons in 2013.


   Paper pulp brands involved cover almost all imported paper pulp brands, such as Arauco BKP, Celco Standard, Arauco BEKP, Celgar, Aracruz, Ust, Bratsk, Canadian Prime, IP, Tyee, Howe Sound, Mison, IP, desert, Harmac, Catalyst, Cariboo, Santa fe, Kamloops, Northwood, Hinton, etc. The Company can provide clients with high quality trading platform with huge client base, many agent varieties and advanced computerized warehouse management system. At the same time, the Company also saves clients a large amount of costs of doing business with convenient trading way.