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Supply chain service
Author:admin Update date:2014-5-4 9:23:22

Supply chain service


Currently, the products and services in the supply chain of Well World are as follows:


Supply chain management and related supporting services;


Supply chain related information and technology consultation;


   To connect suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and end users together as a whole function network chain structure, realize effective control of information flow, trade flow, logistics and capital flow. Based on the experience advantages in logistics management and the course design, to integrate and manage different complementary resources, capabilities and technology of internal and external logistics providers, and provide a complete set of supply chain solutions and consulting services. To integrate each link of the supply chain via advanced logistics information technology, improve the operation efficiency of enterprise logistics and the competitiveness of the supply chain, and reduce costs of procurement and logistics of enterprises.


   Supply chain business purpose of Well World is: to provide global clients with whole-process integrated supply chain services covering purchasing, production, logistics and distribution and to create higher value for clients based on the Company’s mature international supply chain system and rich operation experience as well as experience and advantages in global network, resource integration, technology research & development and internationalization.