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Finance logistics
Author:admin Update date:2014-5-4 9:25:48

Finance logistics


   In the principle of standardized and scientific risk management, Well World can provide customized whole-set capital supporting and supply chain financing service to clients according to their specific demand. The aim of the establishment of micro-credit company subordinate to the Well World is to help small and medium-sized enterprises to become bigger and stronger. With professional supply chain financial services, the small loan company can help enterprises to crack the financing bottleneck through convenient and fast borrowing formalities. In addition, Well World has set up an integrated financing supervision mechanism with banking institutions and cooperative companies, can provide online operated short-term financing services for small and medium-sized enterprises by cash pledge. Relying on the good cooperation with bank, Well World can set up good interaction and cooperation platform between enterprises and banks and provide information on demand and process diagnosis, and tailor the most suitable and effective service solutions according to the operation demand of cash flow of enterprise supply chain.


Capital and credibility


   The Company pays attention to capital application and market credit, has greater ability against risks. The business volume of freight logistics in Qingdao area was amounted to more than 1 billion. The payment on account for a single client per month is 30-60 million yuan.